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Image of the Complete Ingold Product Catalogue in printed form

Finally here it is, the Complete Ingold Product Catalogue! It has turned into a very comprehensive and elaborate volume.

We have gone to great lengths and have for the first time collected the entire array of Ingold AG products on offer in one complete product catalogue. 
On more than 200 pages we will introduce you to our products and services offering in the following chapters:

You can order the comprehensive volume in printed form here on our website. The Complete Ingold Product Catalogue will then be shipped to you shortly thereafter.

Accompanying many chapters are useful hints and questionnaires – available in PDF format for download here on our website, for making specific product enquiries to Ingold AG.

To the especially impatient reader we recommend downloading the catalogue beforehand – as the complete volume or in single chapters – in PDF format as well.

We are looking foward to your feedback!

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