For the reliable locking of bolted joints, we refer you to the various forms of the original SCHNORR® locking washers:

  • the “S” and “VS” locking washers for force-fit and form-fit locking of all types of screw
  • DIN 6796 locking washers for reliable initial loading in demanding bolted joints
  • the “HS” high tension locking washer for the reliable locking of high-strength screws.

SCHNORR® products are available in materials and finishes to meet varying needs in terms of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and/or anti-magnetism.

Retaining rings for shafts per DIN 471 and drilled holes per DIN 472 are scarcely mentioned in engineering construction – they are just assumed, even though the safety and functioning of entire assemblies depend on their correct application and quality!

From the smallest diameters for units in precision engineering to the very large projects in heavy plant work, our range includes top products appropriate in terms of scale and quality. Our locking rings can be supplied in stainless and antimagnetic materials or with surface treatments, in line with resistance requirements.