Chain drive systems for bicycles and motorcycles have been around for a long time. The experienced user knows, however, that to solve countless other drive problems, the corresponding industrial roller chain and rotary chain are needed.

For lifting loads, e.g. in fork-lift trucks, storage vehicles and lift equipment, robust and safe flyer chains are used. For drive solutions in agricultural machines, the long-pitch roller chain was developed. Our range of REXNORD® chains covers the whole spectrum of uses for the most varied applications; from the maintenance-free chain for packaging machinery to the chain made of rust- and acid-resistant steel for the food sector.

Drive chains with clear advantages

  • Form closure
  • Transmitting high torques
  • Spanning large shaft centre distances
  • Robust design

As an official REXNORD® partner, we can offer all our products at advantageous prices.

With “Rexnord® quality chains”, we offer you safety and the highest quality.
By way of chain accessories, our range also includes the corresponding chain sprockets and chain guides.