Sealing – Radial Shaft Seals

Ingold’s long years of experience can be of great use to you in your sealing requirements, too!

Rotating shafts, moving parts that connect one or more sub-assemblies, i.e. everything that rotates, can be sealed.

For the DOMSEL radial shaft seal, aggressive substances such as sea water, oil, any kind of gas and contact with high overpressure or vacuums, are no problem at all.

The optimum compound and fitting according to instructions guarantee perfect sealing and smooth functioning of an entire industrial plant, including the food processing industry.

DOMSEL radial shaft seals, with their special structural shapes and membrane collars, solve the most difficult sealing problems and offer innumerable advantages compared to most traditional radial seals.

  • high operating speed, up to 30m/s
  • temperatures up to 200°C
  • pressure up to approx. 14 bar

Five different types from all current compound qualities allow an almost unlimited area of application. Get expert advice from your Ingold specialist.

“We aim to get your seal of approval!”

We are specialists in the micro­technical sector and can seal shaft diameters down to 1.4 mm without any problems.