Disc springs

Disc springs have found their place within the wide range of spring types thanks to numerous advantages. Who is not aware of SCHNORR® disc springs? Thanks to the large number of possible variations of this particularly resistant type of spring, which can be used both as an individual spring as well as an entire spring stack, applications in all areas of mechanical engineering can be found, especially where high strength and reliability, maximum safety and durability are required. As official SCHNORR® partners, we can offer all our products at advantageous prices.

The SCHNORR® product range is completed by

All SCHNORR® products are available in materials and finishes to meet varying needs in terms of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and/or anti-magnetism.

As sole supplier of the original SCHNORR® products, Ingold is the most important provider of disc springs and effective locking washers on the Swiss market.

Various springs

In order to supply Swiss industry as effectively as possible, we have a very wide-ranging stock of standard, tension and pressure springs. Ingold also supplies all spring types according to your wishes and drawings, particularly shaped, tension, pressure, torsion and formed leaf springs.

The product range comprises sheet thicknesses or wire diameters from 0.2mm to 60mm and also includes special materials with a very wide variety of resistance properties.